Presentation Performance

This one-semester course will enable the participants to penetrate the mysteries of the art of public speaking, work with the fear of public performance and discover both the strong and weak points of their oral English skills. Even though the course is primarily designed for researchers and scientists who need to present at international conferences, professionals from all walks of life may profit from attending. The course focuses on three pillars of high-quality presentations: content and how it is structured; graphic design; and delivery. We will look at how presenters interact with the audience and how they can overcome stage fright and stress. Participants will also master basic story-telling principles and learn how to best utilize their voice. Particular emphasis is given to effective language usage especially in terms of correct pronunciation and stylistic and academic English proficiency. The course combines online lessons on Moodle with bi-weekly face-to-face meetings. From the start, students will be encouraged to put their newly gained theoretical knowledge into practice; they will receive regular in-depth, constructive feedback from both the instructor and their fellow colleagues. Upon completing the workshop, students will be able to develop and effectively deliver a (scientific) presentation in English and will improve their general communication skills.

Upcoming course dates: Feb 26, 2024 – Jun 14, 2024

Face-to-face sessions

Every other week or upon arrangement with the instructor

Required entry level

B2+ (post FCE)


Veronika Quinn Novotná, PhD

Application form

You can register via the new online registration system of the Department of Language Studies: