About us

The Center for Academic Writing was launched in fall 2011 as a unit of the Department of Language Studies of the Czech Language Institute (Czech Academy of Sciences). Our aim is to provide support services to researchers of the Czech Academy of Sciences as well as doctoral students and others who need to write, publish and present in English. We do not proof-read or edit your texts, but provide in-depth guidance and feedback with the aim to help you refine your communication skills in academic English.

Our people

Our services


Do you want to produce better academic texts? Our blended-learning courses will guide you through the writing process and teach you how to write with clarity and style.

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One-on-one sessions for anyone interested in receiving in-depth feedback.

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Get in touch with us and we will tailor a workshop to your needs.

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What we strive for:

  • to show our clients that writing doesn’t need to be painful and one can always do better
  • to advocate for clear, succint and stylish writing in the sciences
  • to offer meaningful teaching sessions based on innovative education methods
  • to guide our clients to increased self-confidence in writing or presenting in English
  • to serve as a resource center and provide useful information on learning and teaching academic writing in English